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  • Intuitive spiritual healing

    Oracle Angel Tarot & Alchemy

    Kevin Patel

    International Intuitive Energy Healer

    I offer guidance to those who are seeking.


    I specialize in twin flame connections, ancestral line healing, and karmic clearing.


    I’m a direct conduit of Source energy, and it’s my passion to share this information with others who are on their healing journey.


    I’m a Libra Moon in the 8th House, connecting me to deep themes of mysticism, partnership, soul connections and Psychic Powers.

  • magic awaits

    Each session will leave you empowered with clarity and peace of mind.

    60 Minute Intensive Soul Session

    60 Minute Intensive Soul Session

    Available Services (Please specifiy at beginning of session):

    - Oracle Angel Tarot Cards
    - Twin Flame Connection
    - Ancestral Line Healing
    - Karmic Clearing
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